Your research proposal can either make or completely ruin your Ph.D. application. In a majority of cases, it is used to convince potential supervisors or funders to support your work. The proposal should approximately contain between 1,500 and 3,000 words in length.

    When writing this type of work (unless you want to buy a research paper), you must passionately articulate what you want to research and why, convey your ideas and understand the existing literature, and clearly define at least one question and your approach to answering it.

    While you must follow a specific structure, you need to write your research proposal flexible enough so it can accommodate further changes, as you make progress with your Ph.D. Outline and layout vary, so you should consult your mentor before you begin, or you can find some help at https://writingqueen.co.uk/ instead. So, here are a couple of things your Research Proposal Example UK must involve.

    Title page

    The title should contain about ten words in length. This is one of the essential features you should focus on and identify the area of study and the proposed approach. It should be catchy, informative and, overall, entertaining.

    The title page should contain your personal information, for example, name, academic title, date of birth, nationality and contact details. Your Research Proposal Example UK title must be clear and point out on the main subject you will be discussing in your work.


    Objectives should be a summary of your project. In this case, you need two or three broad statements that emphasize what you, in the end, want to achieve. Each part should be followed by several focused and measurable objectives. This is the step you will take to answer each question individually, and make it clear for the broader audience.

    For instance, your example research proposal UK must address a gap in or buildings upon the existing knowledge, it must be connected to the department you are applying to, and it has to has to have academic, cultural or political significance.

    Literature review

    This section is dedicated to the most important theories, models, and texts that surround and influence your research questions, and convey your understanding. It should be focused on the theoretical and practical knowledge gaps that your research plans to address.

    It will justify and provide further motivation for your project and help you brainstorm your ideas. You will be aware of the things you need to correct to provide detailed and efficient research proposal UK example.


    This part should support the outline and how you will answer each of your research questions. A sharply written methodology is essential, mainly if your project includes an extensive collection of data and significant analysis.

    The methodology recognizes the data collection and analytical methods that are available, before justifying the ones you will use more. In this case, you will also identify the population you are planning to target and examine.

    You should show that you are aware of the limitations you are facing and also qualify the parameters you plan to introduce. You should keep in mind that even though you are exploring a narrow topic, it’s more impressive to do an excellent job than investigating a wider one and providing decent results.


    Considering you need a specific time to seal every research gap, your schedule should identify how long you will require to complete each step. In this case, you can use the bi-weekly or monthly time slot. This will help the readers evaluate the feasibility of your work.


    Finally, you will provide the list of the most significant texts, plus add any attachments such as your academic resume. You should point out your skills and demonstrate critical reflection by selecting the recourses that are most appropriate.

    Final checks

    Before you submit your example of a research proposal the UK, you should go through the following things:

    • Make sure that every page is numbered, keep in mind that your work is professional, exciting and informative, the proposal should be proofread by an experienced academic and a layman. In this case, they will ensure that your example of research proposal UK fulfills all academic standards and it’s free of any grammatical and spelling errors.
    • You have to include a contest page and a clean and easy-read structure, with appropriate headings, so your audience can understand the point you are trying to deliver.
    • If you aren’t sure how to start your work, or what structure to follow, then you should explore the web. Here you can hit many informative websites that feature all the required information. But, pay attention to their content. You should use academic and university sites because they provide the most comprehensive and accurate data.


    After all, when you are writing research example, you need to be professional and well-informed because your academic future depends on it.